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how to set up MOTOR & DRIVE



please be sure to set your variable speed drive (KBAC )

 to 2 X  speed 

the drive will have small red pull tabs inside it , next to it will say MULT    this is for the multiply   .

factory it will be set to 1 x speed .  to adjust a 1800 rpm MOTOR to the correct  speed range set the drive to 2 x speed 

this will run the motor at 3400 rpm range .

60 hz x   1725 motor = 1725 rpm 

120 hz x 1725 motor = 3425 rpm

to reverse motor direction  switch the red and white motor wires inside the variable speed drive 

you will need 4 yellow wire nuts , tape , 16/4 sjow cable with 4 conductors .

1. open the motor junction box . inside the box are 9 wires , these wires all have numbers on them . strip 3 " off the rubber jacket off the cable at both ends , now strip 1/2" off the colored wires to expose the copper ends 

find wires 4, 5, & 6 inside of box , twist them together and then wire nut them together .

ok 3 down 6 to go (plus ground green) 

inside of junction box (motor )

 find wires 1 & 7  pair off with a piece of tape bellow the exposed copper end

 find wires 2 & 8  pair off with a piece of tape bellow the exposed copper end

 find wires 3 & 9  pair off with a piece of tape bellow the exposed copper end 

you now have the motor almost ready to connect to the drive .

take the 4 conductor cable strip of the ends of each wire exposing about a half inch .

the cable has 4 colored wires ,   green will be the ground ,connect to ground screw inside of the drive and the other end into the motor junction box ,use spade connector ,crimp to wire and screw down ground screw . 

BLACK WIRE (cable) will be wire nutted to motor wires 1 & 7 

RED WIRE (cable)  will be wire nutted to motor wires 2 & 8

WHITE  WIRE  (cable) will be wire nutted to motor wires 3 & 9

inside the motor  junction box is a green screw this is used for the green ground wire  .


the motor cable coler code are 

black to U

red to V

white to W

green to the green ground screw .

power plug cable black wire to AC 1 

power plug cable white wire AC 2 

power plug cable green wire connects to green screw

now the drive and motor are ready to use.

how to wire motor for the ph427

belt grinder NOTICE it is a 3 phase motor that is power by the variable frequency inverter ,it also is a phase converter 

GFCI Operation – Do not connect this

drive to an AC power source controlled

by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

Special software is available for

GFCI operation – contact our Sales